With Mother's Day comes our Wisteria. The Wisteria was here long before I was. Before I was born so they say. My first spring here in 1983 was particularly memorable for many reasons. I was a newly wed, I was beginning my very own garden, so many new adventures awaited me in life and every day I felt like I was going out side to play.

One fine day I decided to stencil our flower boxes which we added to the front window of the house. I'm pretty sure the house never had flower boxes before and I was patting myself on the back for this lovely idea. Stenciling them was pretty nifty too I thought. I was hard at it when a car pulled up and stopped in front of our house. A lady called out to me from the car window.

"Are you the new owner?" she shouted.

I replied with great pride, "Yes, I am."

She went on to say, "Well, my husband and I have driven by here or the last 35 years just to admire your Wisteria! The most beautiful display we've ever seen. We think your roots must be 100 years old. Don't ever let anybody take 'em down."

I filled with even more pride. Imagine. People driving by just to witness what takes place here year after year. I felt like the luckiest girl in the world to not only be part of all this but that I was now the lucky owner and care taker of this piece of history for the next several decades. They drove off smiling and waving, and I took a minute to take it all in myself. I have noticed that when I'm in the car and turn onto the street you can see our Wisteria from blocks away.

May also brings Azaleas in pretty pink both pale and rosy and white as well. We love them as they gaze at us from the side garden and secret garden.

June brings our beloved hydrangeas. One can never have too many Hydrangeas so therefore we add about a half dozen of them on a yearly basis. I always buy older plants for our garden. I can't spare the time of waiting for all young buds to grow up while I'm growing old. We buy bushes anywhere from 2-7 years old. This applies to various trees as well.

Our Hydrangeas now run the entire length of our lawn - against a wall on the way to the secret garden. The secret garden, side garden and back garden all contain hydrangea. Hydrangea have a long bloom period beginning anywhere from May and lasting until October. Then you can gather them in bundles, dry them out and bring them inside. Keep them in baskets or large vases. Tuck them over mirrors. Ours are displayed on the grand piano in the living room and in baskets on top of the dining room cupboard as well as adorning the fireplace floor in baskets. For Christmas I tuck them between the branches of the Christmas tree. Add white lights and you need nothing else. You can also spray paint them gold as they begin to fade. Our Hydrangeas give us at least 6 months of pleasure this way - June to January. What other flower will do that for you?

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