What do you do with a dank, dark and dreary corner of your property? Why you build a Gingerbread House, of course. Our idea came to us when the indoor restoration of our house was near completion. We could no longer do sanding, repairing, painting and building inside our house because the rooms were newly repainted, the floors were poly-urethaned and lots of beautiful furniture crowded what once were empty spaces. So, we needed a workshop. A place to do a little dirty work but yet a place pretty enough to sit in a romantic garden.

There was a corner of the property behind the garage that was dark and gloomy.  Maybe we could brighten it up.  Maybe we could utilize this space and create another addition that would compliment the gazebo.  Of course my motto is "Everything is always a picture."  So even if it was going to be a workshop it had to be pretty as a picture.  And then of course if it was going to be pretty as a picture, why would I want to use it as a workshop?  A guest cottage would be more fun.  But then you would need plumbing.  A studio for me - but then it might be too damp to leave my work there.

So we embarked on our plans for a workshop for our Handyman Mike. He loved the idea because he had outgrown his workshop at home. Right away we decided it needed a loft space on top to store lumber, paint, outdoor furniture and other supplies. Also - my first requirement is always sunlight, which meant windows, a sky light and a door with window panes. Enclosed shelves to store paint and a work table surface.

Mike and Mike Jr. quickly set out to build.  Measurements were taken, and dimensions were thought out.  We needed to work within the space we had so that pretty much decided how large it would be.  The same applied to our gazebo and mud room.  I wished they all could have been a little bigger but when you build too big it cuts down on the charm.  As we were building the Gingerbread House we realized that we would also need a path to the Gingerbread House. 

And why is it called a Gingerbread House?

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