Because we added Gingerbread detail to the roof, windows and door to compliment the Gazebo.  Mike made patterns from ideas he had and hand-cut them all.  Some ideas we took from old books and photos.  Basically we made everything up as we went along.  One idea led to another. We decided to paint the Gingerbread House yellow and white to match the main house.

Since I always get carried away with my romantic way of life we eventually added flower boxes to the three windows.  More work but such a storybook touch that I couldn't resist.  Of course that meant a little stencil or two as well as annual planting.

Windows were so difficult to find because new windows are so costly.  I got estimates of $600 each.  So off we went to flea markets and one day I found 6 little single window panes that we turned sideways and have them open out instead.  They were $20 each.

We painted the wood plank floor with deck paint because we knew it would take a beating from on-going work.  We also stored the lawn mower here.  Mike did run an electric line from the house so that we could a have an overhead light and a fan going in the summer.

As it all began to take shape I was wishing I could steal it back for myself and put a day bed in there so I could experience waking up in the garden once in a while.  As it turned out over the years I started replacing some of the tools on the walls with pictures and other quaint wall hangings and Mike felt like he was being pushed out.  I was reverting to my "Everything is a picture" motto.  The day I hung up curtains was the day Mike rolled up his "Mike's Workshop" welcome mat and things changed forever.  Mike still does his odd jobs there and shares his lunch with the dog on rainy days, but it no longer looks like a typical workshop.

But then nothing here is typical when flights of fancy are always going through my head.  After the path to the Gingerbread House was laid of blue stone a heart shaped trellis was added onto the path and then a cartoon garden was planted as well.  A recycled wooden gate behind the Gingerbread House to shield materials followed, and then some quaint garden signs, and plants to sit outside.

Are you getting the picture here?  Another storybook corner which one day can be converted to Mrs. Smith's Gift Shop when the house becomes a regular tour stop, or maybe I will banish that lawn mower, set up my day bed so I can indeed wake up surrounded by birds singing, and flowers at my fingertips.  Sounds like a storybook I read somewhere.

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